DEAD WHITE MEN’S CLOTHES︎︎︎ Sender Perspective

By Apag

Obroni Wa Wu is a common term for secondhand clothes in Ghana meaning ‘the white man has died clothes’. This expression comes from the idea that someone would have to die to give up so much stuff, implying that the concept of excess was foreign.

Monday August 10 2020
        Kym R. — Cut and Blow — The city is a bad hairstylist — they trimmed our beautiful trees; no warning — too much sky. Mercury in retrograde.

Tip = $100.00

Monday August 31 2020
        Tracy M. — Color, Cut and Blow — The new salon is brilliant. Aqueous filtered light everywhere — otherworldly. Nicholas is a master. I am broke but worth it. He even remembered the quince blossoms. Long, noble Quince flanking every station. I’m in ecstasy.

Tip = $150.00

Old Wiccan Charm For Blessing Your Station